** There are ‘breeders’ in B.C. that claim to do proper health testing.
They will flash false health certificates in front of you and show pedigrees that are incorrect. 
**There is no such thing as DNA testing for MVD (Mitral Valve Disease) in hearts in Cavaliers. 
**These ‘breeders’ have ribbons on their walls that mean absolutely nothing as far as breeding to standard and producing healthy puppies goes.
**They use ‘guardian’ homes so they can place their females in your family home and
still be able to use them to breed and produce more puppies for sale to line their own pockets. 
**These are unscrupulous people who are not usually members of any  regulating body such as Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
and they are not following the laws, code of ethics and regulations set forth by these regulating bodies. 
**These ‘breeders’ only care about money and not the preservation of our beloved breed.
Their dogs may appear to be cheaper at first but when you start paying for all of the health concerns
that come along with these dogs the cost goes up quickly.
And never forget the cost of yours and your families’ heartache with your beloved family member.